About Us

CCAG is a full-service property management organization specializing in multifamily affordable housing; multifamily housing for families, seniors, special needs, assisted living communities, and commercial properties.

CCAG has been an innovator in the development and operation of senior living communities. Our experience and passion has helped us excel in innovative community design, excellent service and exceptional care

Our services are designed and tailored for the needs and interests of Administrators, Executive Directors, Facility Owners, and all those who are involved in the day-to-day facility operation.

Our goal is to better understand and face the day-to-day encountered predicaments.  You will benefit from interaction and sharing ideas from individuals that struggle with similar problems and issues.

  • State issues and requirements
  • Staffing problems: when you need a caregiver, dishwasher or cook quickly
  • Outside Care Providers & Vendors-who does what for less or better
  • New Innovative systems
  • How to address the increasing costs of business.

Today’s competitive market which includes national chains as well as large multi-location businesses does require the independent owner to buy product at the best possible price. Being part of a buying cooperative like CCAG will allow you to buy as if you were a national chain with large buying power. Buying collectively through the group will give you pricing, programs and rebates that you may not achieve on your own.


Whether in hotels, resorts, commercial facilities, senior housing or public spaces, the complete products and premier services from CCAG will help guests feel more at home.

We offer a full range of fashionable products, supplies and equipment with the quality and prices demanded by the hospitality environment.

We stock a full range of products and supplies for immediate shipment, or can provide a custom designed product to meet a specific requirement.

Collective buying Power

  • Dietary
  • Supplies
  • Furniture
  • Equipment
  • Services and Repairs
    • Heating & Air
    • Refrigeration
    • Generator
    • Fire Equipment
    • Low Voltage
    • Electrical
    • Roofing

Uncompromised Performance and Service standards of excellence, backed by Experience and training is the core values that have not changed over the years.

  • HR
  • Regulations & Compliance
    • State Regulations
    • City Fire
    • Health Department
    • Federal Regulations
  • Marketing and Advertising Strategies
  • Facility Evaluation
  • Facility Audit and Inspection
  • Market Analysis
  • Billing and Bookkeeping Services

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